Birding in Desert National Park Jaisalmer

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Birding in Desert National Park Jaisalmer

Birding in Desert National Park

Embarking on a birding adventure in the Jaisalmer Desert National Park offers an unparalleled opportunity to observe the unique avian life thriving in this arid ecosystem. With its rugged landscapes and diverse habitats, this park becomes a haven for both amateur birdwatchers and seasoned enthusiasts. From the graceful flight of eagles and vultures to the delicate songs of desert larks and hoopoe larks, every moment spent birding in this remarkable park unveils a world of captivating discoveries.
Birding in the Desert National Park emerges as a premier pursuit, drawing ornithologists from both India and abroad who seek to sight extraordinary bird species. Guided by experts like Aliyar Rojani, and Heeru Suthar, enthusiasts gain insights into behaviors, migratory tendencies, plumage distinctions, and other unique traits that set each avian inhabitant apart.
The park accommodates both migratory and resident birds within its realm. Amid its precincts resides the critically endangered Great Indian Bustard, providing a remarkable opportunity for sightings. Winter witnesses the arrival of the McQueen’s Bustard, adding to the park’s allure for those wishing to encounter these rare species.
Your means of exploration include opting for a jeep safari or embracing a camel ride. Vehicles sanctioned by the forest department enjoy access to the park, necessitating advance reservations.

From October to March, the peak season, the park transforms into a vibrant avian hub. Here, the Barbary Falcon, Himalayan Vulture, Pallid Harrier, Steppe Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Northern Raven, Asian Desert Warbler, and diverse Lark varieties converge, offering a symphony of winged marvels.

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