Birding in Desert National Park Jaisalmer

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Birding in Desert National Jaisalmer

Birding in Desert National Park

Embarking on a birding adventure in the Jaisalmer Desert National Park offers an unparalleled opportunity to observe the unique avian life thriving in this arid ecosystem. With its rugged landscapes and diverse habitats, this park becomes a haven for both amateur birdwatchers and seasoned enthusiasts. From the graceful flight of eagles and vultures to the delicate songs of desert larks and hoopoe larks, every moment spent birding in this remarkable park unveils a world of captivating discoveries.
Birding in the Desert National Park emerges as a premier pursuit, drawing ornithologists from both India and abroad who seek to sight extraordinary bird species. Guided by experts like Aliyar Rojani, and Heeru Suthar, enthusiasts gain insights into behaviors, migratory tendencies, plumage distinctions, and other unique traits that set each avian inhabitant apart.
The park accommodates both migratory and resident birds within its realm. Amid its precincts resides the critically endangered Great Indian Bustard, providing a remarkable opportunity for sightings. Winter witnesses the arrival of the McQueen’s Bustard, adding to the park’s allure for those wishing to encounter these rare species.
Your means of exploration include opting for a jeep safari or embracing a camel ride. Vehicles sanctioned by the forest department enjoy access to the park, necessitating advance reservations.

From October to March, the peak season, the park transforms into a vibrant avian hub. Here, the Barbary Falcon, Himalayan Vulture, Pallid Harrier, Steppe Eagle, Eastern Imperial Eagle, Northern Raven, Asian Desert Warbler, and diverse Lark varieties converge, offering a symphony of winged marvels.

3 Night 4 Days Birding in Desert National Park Tour Plan

Rappelling in Manali


Type of rock climbing:

  1. Natural or Free climbing: When climber climb’s a rock without the help of any required equipment using natural hold called natural rock climbing
  2. Artificial climbing: During the climbing, if the climber found that rock is difficult in that case he required technical equipment, therefore climbing a rock with the help of technical equipment is called artificial climbing.

Rappelling: When the rock face is difficult to climb down due to steepness, wetness, or some other reason, rappelling is the best way to climb down. rappelling or abseiling or roping down as it is most commonly called, is a quick method of descending over a steep face of the rock, snow, or ice by sliding down a fixed single or double rope anchored on top.

Trekking in Manali


Today proceed for a day hike of Joghi Fall through some Villages and green fields and Pine forests spend some time at Jogni Fall and later walk down till to Vashisht village. There is a famous for hot water Sulpher and visit Vashisht temple of a saint (Vashisht rishi) and Lord Rama, one can have a dip in hot Sulpher water which is recommended for skin disease, after the walk back through Bahang via Goshal village to the campsite. Overnight at camp.

River Rafting in Manali


River crossing ( Tyrolean traverse technique) While trekking in a mountain, one has to cross several streams, To cross these streams one should have good knowledge that how to cross the mountain stream? Crossing these streams/rivers with technique and full safety called the river. Afternoon visit to Mall Road Manali.

Here is the end of Manali Adventure tour Package.

Since adventure activity requires physical & mental strength & endurance, the age limit is restricted to 15 to 45 years.

All arrangements are made & programs conducted by & under guidance, of well trained, experienced, polite & courteous staff. The project organizer himself is a young expert mountaineer who is experienced in Mountaineering Basic, Advance, Method of Instruction, Mountain rescue training, trekking/tourist guide, snow skiing & water sports courses. He has also worked as visiting Instructor in the Directorate of Mountaineering & allied sports Manali.

Your holidays with us will be especially rewarding if you are ready to withstand the rigors of high adventure & cooperate with us at every step. We reciprocate your cooperation with our round–the–clock courteous, polite service & daredevil concern for you.

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Participants are provided with accommodation in dormitories and rooms in Manali & in tents in the field. The accommodation in hotel rooms is to be charged extra. The amenities will be commensurate with the charges for accommodation selected & provided.

The rates are changeable from time to time subject to the market prices & will be final at the time of confirmation of booking. On special grounds, rates can be reduced. The charges/fee is to be remitted through Bank Draft drawn or deposit online account on State Bank of India, Manali in favors of Sh. Yogesh Kumar Thakur Aleo, New Manali (H. P.) India. 50% advance payment is required 20 days prior to the commencement of the particular activity for making the arrangements & for confirming the booking/reservation. Failing which booking is canceled & chance will be given to the next in the booking list.

Booking is done on a first-come-first-served basis. Should the group/individual want to cancel the program then a refund of fees received will be made after deducting such amount as might have been spent on making the arrangements by the organizers. No refund of fees/charges will be made if the group/individual leaves the program uncompleted or return back from the area of activity on its/his/her own sweet will.

It is in your (& ours also, for that matter) interest that you observe & maintain perfect discipline while participating in any program/activity. The team in charge/group leader will be responsible for the discipline of the group & individual participant for himself. Any group or individual found guilty of creating disturbance, indiscipline, using alcohol or narcotic drugs & obstructing smooth conducting of the program will be sent & no refund of charges will be made.

It is presumed that each participant/group participates in adventure activity organized by us at his/her own risk. The organization which takes due care of the safety of the participants will not be responsible for any mishap/accident, whatsoever, in the area of activity/program & none of its staff members can be held responsible. An undertaking to this effect/risk certificate will have to be furnished by the participating individual/group to the organizers.

Persons participating in our program must be adequately insured.

Persons participating in our program must arrange for their medical care themselves.

Participating individuals must be medically fit to undertake the adventure activity planned for himself/themselves. A fitness certificate from an MBBS doctor is compulsory.

The programs/activities offered by the National Adventure Tourism are organized & conducted throughout the state of Himachal Pradesh on special request. But the program printed in the booklet/ pamphlet/itinerary issued by the organization is organized & conducted at & around Manali in a radius of about 50 kms.

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